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White Oils
White Oils

About White Oils

A white oil is a highly refined mineral oil that is produced from a raffinate (vacuum gas oil) of crude oil. White oils are extremely pure and stable petroleum products, which are colourless, odourless, non-toxic and chemically inert.

There are three main categories of white oil:

  • Medicinal / Pharmaceutical white oil
  • Technical white oil
  • White process oil (carrier fluid)

Given the high purity exhibited by these oils, they provide the basis for many product industries such as:

  • Medicinal / Pharmaceutical products and applications
  • Food processing and food packaging
  • Agricultural chemicals and applications
  • Cosmetic products
  • Personal care
  • Food grade lubricants
  • Industrial lubrication

The sheer number of industries that utilise white oils demonstrates not only their versatility, but also their purity as well as their proven reliability over the years. Lincol are able to source and supply a wide range of white oil grades to meet your specific technical and application requirements.